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Seniors Stay Put

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The Stay Put Services mission for our senior neighbors is to assist you in living better lives independently and safely in your homes for as long as possible. We want you to enjoy confidence and trust in the years of experience this organization brings to them.

We at Stay Put Services recognize that many senior neighbors currently living at home prefer to remain doing just that. The home represents much of what your life is all about. You are comfortable being at home so you want to continue to live there. It is what is known as Aging In Place. Therefore often when individuals' health and financial conditions are assessed it becomes apparent that your choice to remain living at home is the correct one. It is important to make a comparison between the long term costs of residing in an assisted living establishment vs the improvement costs of modifying a home to be safe, comfortable, and potentially more valuable. 

Another important factor to consider in making this decision is whether an organization exists that will perform the needed modifications, or support the on-going requirements of property maintenance. This is what Stay Put Services does. We free you from having to worry about the management of your most valuable asset, your home.

Examples of living modifications for safety and accessibility can be as basic as installing grab bars, widening doorways, or removing obstacles. If an individual has a handicap maybe an access ramp is needed. Bathrooms and kitchens are high use areas where safety and accessibility features such as raised toilets, non slip surfaces, or slide out drawers and cabinets can be installed to make all the difference.
First floor living is often necessary in order to alleviate the climbing of stairs. In order to accomplish this, the floor plan may have to be modified, and possibly a bathroom created or enlarged.
It is also possible that living quarters for in-home health care would be needed and more extensive modifications would be done.

In any case it is most likely that major modifications will result in higher property value due to the increase of it's usability.


All the services presented in the preceding pages are offered and discounted for our senior neighbors.
As previously mentioned, the areas requiring modifications for seniors may include the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, doorways, living quarters for in-home care, etc. Each living situation is different and there are many solutions specific to the accessibility and safety needs of our seniors. We provide and discount the services that enact these solutions.
In addition, if a task is required but not listed on this site, simply contact us. Most likely we will be able to solve the problem.

To learn more about enjoying an Aging in Place life style access these websites.
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